Weekly Update T2W1

Weekly Update – T2W1

HELLO and welcome back! 🙂

It has been such a great first week! We were a little bit tired at the beginning of the week but everyone was happy and excited to be reunited after the holidays.

We were so happy to receive our letters from our penpals in Spain. Actually, I think I was most excited! The students opened them with big smiles on their faces and were excited to hear from their new friends. We received pictures of Marbella, Spain, maps and flags too!

In IPC, we started our exciting unit “It’s Shocking”. We began the week with a knowledge harvest to see how much the children already knew about electricity. They enjoyed experimenting with different materials to see which created static electricity. We had fun with our can and balloon race and they all worked super hard to try and win! 

In English, we began our unit “Stories with familiar themes” and read a story named “The Suitcase”. We worked on describing characters and discussing what they are like. We made character profiles and even made our very own suitcases. Inside them, the students had to choose just five things that they wanted to take with them if they moved to another country. It was interesting to see what they all chose. We also had a nice discussion about things that are precious to us.

In PE, we started our unit on “Heathy Bodies”. We looked at the importance of warming up and each group developed their very own warm up routine. Today in games, I chose one group to be the teachers and they did the warm up part of the class using what we had learned on Tuesday. We talked about how we should always warm up to prevent injuries. I was very impressed with their teaching skills.

In PSHE, we spoke about making SMART goals for 2022. The children all discussed what they would like to improve on in 2022 and we made a lovely display outside our classroom with our work.

Homework was sent out today along with library books. Some students have still got phonics books and library books at home. If you could make sure they are returned next week that would be great. Thank you.

The Curriculum Overview for term 2 is now up on our school website. 

I think the students will all sleep well tonight. We had a fantastic time during games today using our new scooter boards. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Be safe and warm!

Love Mrs Sim <3