Weekly Update – T1W12

Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a lovely week. It has been a fast one here in Year 1/2. 


I have been in touch with a year two teacher at the British International School in Marbella, Spain and have arranged for the students to be matched with a penpal! How exciting it is! I introduced the students to their penpal on Wednesday and today we practised writing letters to them. I have never seen them so focused and happy to write! It was wonderful to see and I hope this develops a love of writing. We will work on our letters into next week and then make a trip to the post office to send them off to Spain. The students in Marbella are also very excited and asked their teacher if they could come visit us her in Korea. So sweet.

I remember having a penpal when I was young and it really was such a precious thing to have and it definitely encouraged me to write more. 

In IPC, this week we have had lots of fun looking at various tents. I carried my rather large tent into school on Monday so the children could explore the materials and structure. Mrs Jiyu also took her tent in and we compared the materials used. We then got into groups and made our own tents. The students were given a set of materials including a bin bag, wooden sticks, clips, masking tape and straws. They first designed their tents on paper and then had a set time to create their masterpiece. They all did fantastically!

We also looked at pictorial maps this week and how a circus should be set out. We took into consideration that there would be animals at the zoo so they would have to be kept away from the ice-cream stall for example, and that the big top should be centrally located. The children then made their own maps and had fun designing different rides and shops.  


We have been making good progress during our literacy group rotations and I am enjoying spending time with small groups at a time.  I plan to do a little check up assessment within the next few weeks to track the students progress so far this term.  This allows me to ensure that the students are always working at the appropriate level. 

Phonics Books

There are a few phonics books that haven’t been returned. If you have one at home please could you return it next week.


We started our new unit “Body Management through gymnastics” this week. We explored ‘rotation’ and ‘rocking’ this week and practised some rolls. 


The students have been learning about 3D shapes in Maths with Mr Green and by the looks of things having great fun whilst doing so! The classroom has been filled with shapes and the children have enjoyed exploring them.  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and do something nice:)

See you all on Monday!