Term 2 Week 10

What a fast and fun week; with a field trip on Wednesday and our normal routine was interrupted making the week seem so short. We had a lot of fun at the Busan Science Museum as we got to explore the exhibits, throw paper planes in the Children’s Museum, watch a show at the planetarium, and slide down the long slide! Thank you to the parents who volunteered to come along, I appreciate your time and attention to the students. We should have some pictures next week thanks to Mr. Green.

In English we have started to review some of the grammar concepts we’ve focused on including conjunctions, adverbs, and using speech in text. For reading we started to preview the reading comprehension type questions that will be on the Cambridge Assessments in term 3. We have been focusing on reading instructions thoroughly, using the accompanying text to its maximum potential, finding kep words in questions and text, and reviewing finding the subject and main idea of a paragraph. I included a short reading comprehension passage in the homework just to keep up the practice – it is about eating bugs. Mrs. Leah does not condone eating bugs, it’s for practice purposes only 😀

For math we finally finished our addition and subtraction review unit. Everyone is working very confidently with three digit numbers and able to make estimates to check their work against. We will also be practicing with the types of questions found on the Cambridge assessment all next week, but I think everyone will do just fine if they take their time and read instructions thoroughly.

In IPC on Monday we looked at dissolving solids into liquids. We investigated the differences between soluble and insoluble materials and experimented in class. We checked to see if the temperature of the liquid affected how quickly a material (sugar) would dissolve, and we trialed many different materials to determine if they were soluble or not. Wednesday we were in Busan, but we will do some more science next Monday!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and gets lots of rest and quality time with family. Take care,

Mrs. Leah