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  • Medical Emergency: I give permission for “Hyundai Foreign School” Staff to give consent on my behalf, and sign for emergency medical treatment, in cases where parents and emergency contacts cannot be reached or when immediate medical decisions must be made.
  • Dress Code & Laptop Programme: I support the school in requiring my child to comply with the school's uniform policy and dress code. I further consent to provide my child with a laptop and any additional software (Years 5-9 only) that meets all the minimum requirements as determined by the school. I accept that the school may call me to collect my child if they fail to meet the requirements of these policies.
  • Out of Classroom Experiences & School Activities: I consent to my child taking part in supervised class walks and experiences within the Hanmaeum Community Center, in connection with their learning. I further consent to all bus travel in connection with the PE rotation and Swimming programme. I accept that the school may publish current photographs including my child participating in learning activities and experiences, on the school website and in school documents
  • Behavioural Expectations: I support the school in requiring my child to comply with school behavioural expectations set by teachers and supervisors during; classes and break times, school events and during excursions. The school may call me to collect my child immediately in cases of extreme non-compliance and disruption or when their actions may be endangering themselves or others.
  • State of Emergency (e.g. Fire, Earthquake...): I consent to the Head Teacher or his delegate taking direct action with my child to keep them safe in emergency situations that may occur at school or during school events and excursions.
  • Medicine: I agree to annually check and replace all expired medication I have provided the school. I further consent to replace any used, damaged or expired medication upon request from HFS.
  • I acknowledge that all the information I have provided is true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge, and that Hyundai Foreign School reserves the right to change a student’s year level or enrolment status should important information later prove to be inaccurate or false.