HFS Admission Form

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Please complete all sections of this form to the best of your knowledge. If some Korean details are not known (e.g. Alien Registration Numbers or Residence in Korea) they may be provided at a later date.

Admission applications are replied to within 1 week during the regular term. Response times during holiday periods may vary. 

Student Information


In making this application the undersigned certifies their understanding that:

  • Students are expected to regularly participate in a wide range of cultural, sporting and educational trips
  • All Fees are paid in Korean Won in advance by arrangement with the School Manager
  • Parents have an obligation to supply all requested information prior to enrollment
  • HFS does not make provision for students with any type of severe special needs including but not limited to physical, emotional & behavioural
  • All students must meet the ‘Basic Requirements’ list in the Parent handbook
  • Failure to disclose medical, behavioural or other problems prior to admission may be grounds for later cancellation of enrollment
  • Waiting lists may apply for some class levels at some times of the year as notified by the Principal

By completing the e-signature below I agree to submit the following documents if requested (if applicable):

  • Copy of Child’s and Parents’ Passport 
  • Copy of Child’s and Parents' Alien Registration Cards 
  • Copy of Child's Birth Certificate or Family Relationship Certificate
  • Academic Records from the Most Recent School Attended
  • Additional Details of Known Special Needs or Disabilities
  • Details of Any Disciplinary Actions from Previous Schools

I also affirm that to the best of my knowledge all the information included in this application is true and correct.