Enrolment and Induction


Students are classified and enrolled based on the British system. We only enrol or classify students according to age based on the UK system using this sheet:

HFS Student Classification Rainbow 2020/21

HFS Student Classification Rainbow 2021/20

Our school role is heavily influenced by HHI contracts and may fluctuate from year to year.  Some classes may rise above 20 for short periods of time but generally do not go higher.

We do operate waiting lists when needed. We also have limits on the number of students with Korean parents we are able to enrol. It is important to have these applications in as soon as possible to hold your place on the waiting lists.

To begin the enrolment process please complete the Admission Form online and submit it.

HFS Application for Admission Form

You will also need to submit an Online Contact Form prior to students attending the school. Admission applications are usually responded to within 1 week during term time, or at the end of holiday breaks.

HFS Online Contact Form

Once an enrolment has been approved you will be sent a Placement Letter confirming enrolment.  It will either state the class and teacher, (or waiting list,) that your child has been assigned to.  Placement Letters remain valid for the Period indicated on the letter only.  After this, if the student has not started to attend, parents need to re-apply and pay another application fee.  (This re-application requirement does not apply to students on the waiting list.)

There may be waiting lists assigned to class levels where class sizes are at maximum.  The lists usually progress quickly due to the transient nature of our community and most waiting list students would generally expect to begin school within 1 term or less.

Please note we have restricted entry for Korean students: Only those Korean students, at least either one of whose parents is a foreign national or who stayed abroad for at least three years, are eligible to attend HFS. Due to government regulations we have limited places for these students at each year level. We will need to check the number of Korean students in your child’s year level before we can confirm enrolment, and may have to place your child on a waiting list in some cases.


We do not let any new students start school until all signs of jet lag are gone (4 days after a long flight) and new enrolments must have a parent-student-teacher interview before starting classes.

For families starting during the school term we will arrange a time to give you a school tour and set up your pre-interviews with teachers, before leaving you in the hands of admin staff to finalize paperwork, uniforms and payment.

For students starting at the beginning of the school year or at the start of term 2 or 3, we often arrange a mass induction covering facilities, interviews and other requirements.  Details are emailed in advance.

We do not enrol new students to start 30 days before the end of the year or during the last remain weeks of a term.  We do not encourage enrolment of students for periods of less than 6 Months.

School Organisation

Some of our classes are composite classes: There may be two or more year groups in one classroom.  This allows us more flexibility in regards to maintaining balanced class sizes, student placement and better utilization of school resources.

This may not be usual practice in some of the home countries of our parents.  All students are still taught appropriate to their learning needs and will not be disadvantaged in any way.

All year levels have a dedicated classroom teacher for English, Maths, Science, Social Education and the Humanities (Social Sciences).

Specialist teachers lead classes in Art and Korean.

We offer English Support classes for students who are not native speakers of English and need extra help.