Term 1 Week 3 Update

Hello everyone.

A short week due to a typhoon on Tuesday and the start of the Chuseok holiday on Friday. Despite the short week, we had a lot of fun on Wednesday celebrating the school’s 40th Birthday. In the afternoon, we had a special assembly, placed letters to our future selves in a time capsule, played party games and had lots of treats to enjoy from the PTA.

In English, this week, we continued our work around fables. We compared a traditional fable and a fable with a twist. The students had fun exploring proverbs and created a comic strip that explained a proverb’s meaning. Also, we explored possessive apostrophes and plurals; we played a game to identify when to use an apostrophe.

For our Brainwave unit in IPC, the students set themselves a goal and made a learning journal to help keep track of this goal. Also, we explored different graphic organisers and how these may help us plan steps to help us achieve our goal.

In Math this week the learners continued to look at place value of numbers and how multiplying and dividing by factors of 10 change the value of a number. We also learnt about rounding numbers and more importantly decimal numbers up to two decimal places. On Thursday the students wrote an end-of-unit test as we came to the end of our unit.

I apologise for the lack of photos in this update; I did not transfer them to my laptop. I will add these as a separate update tomorrow.