Week 12 Update

Hello everyone!

Firstly, some exciting news! I and Mr De Klerk have organized a trip to Onggi Village on Tuesday 30, this fits in nicely with our unit ‘Making New Materials,’ as the students will be able to look at pottery and its history. I kindly request that you fill out the permission form linked below.


This week the students have continued their work around properties of materials by looking at insulators and conductors. They tested different materials to see which were the best at transferring the least amount of heat by placing ice in different cups and seeing how long it took to melt. They also experimented with a circuit to see which materials transfer electricity.

In maths, with have been looking at angles. The students, looked at different types of angles, drawing angles, measuring angles, as well as calculating missing angles on a point and a line. We went to the hall and made different angles with our bodies and introduced angles on a point and a line using the benches.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!