Global Citizenship Week

Hello everyone

I hope you all had a nice long weekend! Last week, was a short week, where we spent our time doing lots of different activities around Global Citizenship. I decided to focus on a particular global issue, climate change, and look deeper into this. In the week, leading up to Global Citizenship Week, I showed the students the news to introduce this topic and show why it was currently in the headlines.

The students did a number of different activities across the week. Firstly, we looked at what is climate change, defined some of the key vocabularies, wrote a definition, and looked at the causes and effects. Also, the class did some work on Greta Thunberg, completing a reading comprehension to find out more about her. Over each day the students also worked on a large project, researched a country to find out: How the country is being affected by climate change, What the leaders are saying about this issue, and what they are planning to do about it. Another project was art-based, the students designed a poster showing the impact of climate change and came up with a slogan to persuade people to protect the earth. Finally, the children looked at what they could do and how they could change their daily lives to help tackle climate change.