Week 7 Update

Hello everyone!

Firstly, a request from me to aid our Exit Points for our Temples, Tombs, and Treasures Unit, I kindly ask if each child could bring in a shoebox or cardboard box similar to that size for arts and crafts project that would be very helpful. The children are already aware of this and I will also bring in extra just in case, thank you!

Mr. Morgan put together two excellent lessons around Ancient Sumeria, exploring a Sumerian Tomb and using a variety of sources to find out more this allowed the children to compare and contrast this with Ancient Egyptians. We are now coming to the end of our Temples, Tombs, and Treasures Unit and will be working on our Exit Point for most of next week before moving on to a new Unit.

In maths, the children have been working on different written methods to solve multiplication problems and they will move on to division next week.

For our English lessons, the children continued their work around non-chronological reports they have used the Superheroes that they created to start writing their own reports this will continue into next week.