Term 2 – Week 10

As we count down to the end of the term, we are heading into the last week before spring break. This did not stop us from going full speed ahead with many activities and great learning.

In Math, we started our exam preparation for the assessment week in week 2 of term 3 by looking at past exam papers and how the questions are structured and should be answered.

In English this week, we finished our unit on Frankenstein, so to end it, the student’s got creative designed and started making a diorama of a key scene from the text.

In IMYC, Science, we continued to study waves and especially sound waves. We looked at different properties that influence the pitch, loudness and tone of waves. We also looked at the constructive and destructive superposition of impulses and the practical uses of reflection of sound. In History, the learners contrasted and compared a hot war to a cold war. In Geography, we looked at how fossil fuels impact us, especially in the context of the local economy and why it can be difficult for people to stop using fossil fuels despite it being a major cause of global warming. In Design, learners worked on their design phase of designing a kite to specific criteria, looking at measurements, materials and costs of the kite.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and comes back on Monday refreshed and ready for the last week.