Term 2 – Week 2

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the class for working hard and still doing great work while I was away on paternity leave for the birth of my baby daughter. This week was still full of learning and fun.

In Math, students worked with sequences and functions and looked at generating sequences, term-to-term rules, using the nth term and using functions.

In English, we continued our work based on Sherlock Holmes and The Red-Headed League. The students wrote a police report on the events so far, analysed tension and suspense, and wrote their own ending to the story.

In IMYC this term we will be starting a unit called: “Belief”, for more information on the different subjects covered and the content covered in every subject please refer to the curriculum overview on this page.

In History, students explored why the Catholic church had such great power during the middle ages and why people started to get disillusioned with them during this time.

In Science, we looked at different units of measuring speed and making use of the speed formula to calculate, speed, distance or time. We then practically designed and performed an experiment to measure the speed of different toy cars.

In Geography, students explored population pyramids and population growth, and how this can have a positive influence on a country, we also looked at the different factors that affect population growth in a certain community or country.

During Design, learners researched some designers from different industries and how they influenced their specific area due to their belief in a certain idea.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone will have an enjoyable Seollal long weekend and come back safely on Wednesday.

Some examples of student’s work: