Term 1 – Week 14

As the cold weather sets in we are reminded that we are coming to the end of another year, but that does not mean that the learners are not hard at work learning new things and improving on skills.

In Math, this week we continued our unit on 2D and 3D shapes and looked at different aspects to shapes in Math. The learners worked on calculating the area of compound shapes, working with scale and perspective views and congruent shapes.

In Englis, his week the students learnt about the conventions of the Superhero genre. After that, the students created their own superheroes; next, they learnt about scripts and wrote their own, which they will film.

In History, learners study a Historical source in the form of a pictorial proclamation and the subtle undertones in the meaning of the proclamation and how different groups would have reacted to the proclamation, the learners also made a timeline of the decisions Lt. Gov. Arthur made in Tasmania, and the effects these decisions had on the people of the region.

In Geography, gave feedback on their selected regions’ most pressing climate issues and solutions proposed for these issues, looking at the real-world obstacles to implementing these solutions. The learners were also given clues to solve the “Mystery of why Runa’s stall closed” and in so saw links between different actions across the world and how they could have an impact in different parts of the world.

In Science, the learners found out how nerve cells work making use of neurotransmitters and how different substances could affect the function of nerve cells, and the dangers it poses.

In Health and Wellness, students had to estimate the average cost of living for a college or university student at a place of higher learning of their choice. After they estimated the cost they had to research the actual cost of living and compare this to their estimations.

We also came to the end of our PE unit on gymnastics, and the students had the opportunity to perform their routines for the rest of the class.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone stays warm in the time ahead and will be coming to the Winter Show on the 14th of December to see our students showcase their talents.