Term 1 – Week 13

Yet another busy week comes to an end as we hurtle towards the end of the term the students had the opportunity to go on two field trips, the highlight being the trip on Wednesday to the Busan National Science museum.

On this trip, the students had a lot of fun getting hands-on with science and getting to see many things we learn about in a practical and tactile manner.

This week in Math we started a new unit in Geometry, learning more about 2D shapes. The learners learned more about lines of symmetry and rotational symmetry of shapes and how this forms part of the properties of a specific shape. We also did calculations regarding the circumference and area of circles and semi-circles.

In Science, the students studied the different parts of the nervous system and how these get incorporated into reflexes. In History, we looked at the settlement of Tasmania as an example of the different views there could be of historical events when looking through the eyes of the different role players and the responsibilities of actions taken by these groups. For Geography, the learners explored issues that are affecting the environment and who carries the most responsibility for these issues.

In English, we continued our work around the unit ‘Heroes.’ The students wrote blogs, compared and contrasted accounts of young carers, and wrote advice text to help young carers.

On Friday afternoon the learners had the opportunity to visit the Hyundai Art Centre and take a look at 100 years of Korean art masterpieces.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has a restful weekend.

Boys running in circles
Smooth ride