Term 1 – Week 4

Although this week has been short due to the Chuseok long weekend, it was a busy one full of learning and fun.

In Math, we started our unit on expressions, formulae and equations, looking at how to construct expressions from different terms, how to construct and manipulate expressions and how to substitute into expressions.

In IMYC, we completed our Brainwave unit, and the students had a lot of fun making an informational video regarding “brain breaks” and mindfulness. First having to write the script and then work as a team each fulfilling a role to record the different scenes that will be used to make the video, we are all eagerly awaiting the final product after editing. Keep an eye out on this platform where it will be shared as soon as it is done.

In English, we looked at creating tension in our writing and the literary devices needed to make a suspenseful piece of writing. The students also, created fantasy characters and described them; they used different figurative language to bring these characters to life.

During PE, students have been introduced to the different components of fitness and did some fitness tests for each of these components. They also planned and led some warm-up activities for the rest of the class and did a great job in getting their fellow students moving.