Term 3 – Week 5

Undoubtedly the highlight of this week was the class trip to the SEALIFE aquarium in Busan, where the learners had a great time exploring the different sea creatures on display and learning more about them. The learners also did a great job in navigating the metro line that got us there and back. While there we would have been remiss if we did not go for a walk on the famous Hyundai beach and putting our toes in the water.

But it was not all fun and games this week, some serious academic work was also done in the class. In Math, we looked at percentage increase and decrease and used this in a real life scenario in working out the cheapest summer holiday for a family of four. We also looked ar dividing amounts into ratios.

In English, we looked at subtle references in Skellig , especially referring to angles and flight, furthermore we looked at plot connection within Skellig. We did this by focusing on “The Tyger” by William Blake and in doing so learning a little more about the life and times of Blake.

In IMYC, during Science we learnt more about the different kingdoms in the living world and the characteristics of these kingdoms. In History, learners had the opportunity to give feedback on the media’s portrayal of a historical figure, Saladin, and then had the opportunity to look at different authors views of the same historical figure. For Geography, we practiced using 4-figure grid references on maps and in the process encountered map symbols as used on ordinance survey maps. For ICT, we looked at what makes an effective radio advertisement and developed success criteria for evaluating our peers radio adverts.

That is all for this busy week. I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.

Class trip to SEALIFE Aquarium.

We also had the opportunity showcase our core value of responsibility by interacting and learning from Ms M’s class.