Term 2 – Week 1

I would like to welcome all the students back after the winter break.

I would also like to welcome the newest member of our class to HFS, Julia has joined us from Brasil and I hope she will be very happy in our class.

Term 2 is already in full swing with our IMYC unit this term being Celebration. We will be looking at different aspects of celebrations from around the world in the context of Science, History, Design, Technology and Innovation, ICT and computing and Physical Education. So far we have looked in Science at how light and sound play important roles in celebrations, in History we looked at what history is and what we can use to find out more about the history of a certain time, place or person. For Physical Education we looked at the role of movement and especially dance in celebrations and for Design the students had to create a mood board for a specific celebration to help them focus when we move forward in the design process.

For Math, we looked at numbers and operations with numbers especially multiplication and division of fractions. This week in English we started on a unit focusing on non-fictional writing in both traditional and modern forms.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend and I am looking forward to seeing everyone back again on Monday.