Update Week 6

What a busy week we had with loads of learning opportunities.

In Math we continued learning about statistics especially Venn diagrams and how to use them to make predictions. Students also learnt about the calculations and measurements involved in Pie charts The students are also working on a project where they have to go through the whole cycle of the data collection and interpretation process.

In English we started an new section entitled Earth’s wild places. The students are learning more about non fiction writing and creating short informational texts. The students also had to evaluate different layouts of articles and how it affects the reading of these articles.

In Science we looked at the effect of low and high pressure systems on the human body by looking at altitude sickness and how it as well as what happens to free divers bodies as they dive to extreme depths. The students also got the opportunity to plan their vegetarian meal for their Technology practical. In History we looked at some consequences of the reformation that happened in Europe.

That is all for this week enjoy your weekend.