Update week 4

It was a very busy week to lead us into the Chuseok break.

In Math we looked at areas of compound shapes, as well as the applications of this in real life situations. The students learnt when to add or subtract shapes depending on the situation.

In English we looked at presenting and the way we communicate our ideas to others. Students had to research an adventurous character and present it to the class.

During Science we looked at how heat affect substances in different phases, the students gathered data and plotted a heating curve of water. We also investigated how the boiling point can be used to identify different liquids. We also looked at what happens to gases when they are heated and used this information to figure out for ourselves how hot air balloons work.

In Geography we looked at how plants react to different climatic conditions, and how this influences food production.

In History we discussed the consequences of the crusades and are drawing links to how some of these consequences still affect the world today as well as out daily lives.

On Friday we celebrated the Chuseok holiday by playing some traditional Korean games.

That is all for this week, I wish everyone a happy Chuseok break and an enjoyable time with family. See you all back on Monday 27 September.