Update week 2

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of week 2, another week of enquiry, improving our knowledge and learning new skills.

In IMYC this week we started with Science and investigated falling objects and whether their weight makes a differance, and thanks to the help of some slow motion videos could come to the conclusion that it does not. We also investigated different factors that affect friction.

During History we discussed consequences of decisions that leaders of industry or countries have made on the world by looking at who it affected and what the effect was on those people. During Geography students started to do some research on the affect of weather and climate on the people living on the African Savannah and how it compares and contrasts with our local weather and climate.

For Technology we got to the much anticipated food technology activity where students had to make a tuna broccoli bake from scratch for lunch. The reviews of their own cooking and the dish were mixed and ranged from 2 to 9 out of 10. The students did very well and worked together to successfully make their lunches, and the only thing that could prevent them from eating their creations was being a picky eater. (I might have had to lend a helping hand on occasion.)

During English we looked at how the voice of a character can be different as well as how different voices can influence what meaning a written piece can convey. The students had to come up with a charachter with a “voice” different from their own for the adventure story they are working on. Some decided to dress up too as their character.

In Math we were looking at different ways to represent very large and very small numbers as well as rational and irrational numbers. We also used prime factors to work out LCM and HCF values for different numbers.

It was great to get to see some of the parents at our curriculum meeting on Thursday. Thank you to those that could attend.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.