Newsletter 2020/21 Term 3 Week 12

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End of Term

The end of term has (finally) arrived and we can reflect on a very successful and happy year at HFS.

Thank you to all our parents for your continued support.

We are already looking forward to 2021/22 and all the exciting things it will bring.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

It was wonderful to meet so many parents this week for parent-teacher conferences. If you missed your appointment please contact your child’s teacher and remember we are always happy to meet parents for a chat.

Mr Green will be available for most of the summer for meetings


Students should be bringing yearbooks home today. If your order is missing please contact the school office.

Lunch Today

Thank you to everyone who helped to provide the students with a special lunch and snacks today. Everyone had a great lunch.

Commendations and Citizenship Awards

Each year the school presents these awards to two students from each class. Commendations are for academics and the Citizenship Awards are for students who best display our School Core Values. These awards are chosen by the class teacher and represent a wonderful achievement by these students.


FS1-Year 1Rachael Rina Han

Rachael has shown amazing academic growth this year. Her passion for learning is an inspiration to our whole class. Rachael has put a lot of hard work and effort into her studies, especially in English. That hard work has paid off tremendously.

Year 2-3 – Chloe Green

Chloe has performed exceptionally academically all round in all her subject areas. She shows natural leadership qualities and empathy towards her fellow classmates.

Year 4-5 – Reyansh Chandel

Reyansh shows tremendous curiosity and love of learning. His approach to his classwork and particularly his homework is outstanding. He is constantly looking for academic challenges and ways to improve. 

Year 6-8 – Dave Gomes

Dave shows a real enthusiasm for all subjects and consistently produces work to a very high standard. He has also diligently made improvements using the feedback he has received.

Citizenship Awards

FS1-Year 1Nayra Johri

Nayra is a kind and loving girl. She is generous with her classmates and always has a smile on her face. She is respectful to her peers and her elders. She demonstrates many of HFS’ core values in her daily life.

Year 2-3 – Seoa Kim

Seoa is a well-mannered student who is a pleasure to teach in class. She shows great empathy towards her fellow students.  She is sweet and kind.

Year 4-5 – Hannah Kim

Hannah shows an excellent attitude towards school. She is a great friend and is kind and respectful to everyone around her. Hannah is always happy and helpful.

Year 6-8 – Jeongwoo Seo

Jeongwoo is an exemplary student in every way, she is a kind, caring, and conscientious student. She is also an excellent role model to everyone in the school.

Happy Holidays Everyone

Everyone at HFS wishes all our community a relaxing, enjoyable and restorative summer holiday.

See you on Thursday 19th August for another great year at HFS.

Goodbye Miss Luna

Today was Miss Luna’s last day at HFS. It has been wonderful to have her with us for a short time. We are looking forward to seeing Ms Jiyu again in August.

Great Learning Happening