Newsletter 2020/21 Term 3 Week 11

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday 24th June for Mr Green, Mr Dunn and Mr de Klerks classes. Mr de Klerk will be available for meetings.

Ms McClellan will be available for meetings on Tuesday 22nd June and Wednesday 23rd June.

Please use this form to book an appointment

We would like to do as many appointments as possible on these days, but if you cannot attend, we are happy to make other arrangements.

Term 3 reports will be sent home on Tuesday 22nd June

Mr de Klerk

Mr de Klerk will be back in school on Monday.

Mrs Sim will take his class to Gyeongju World on Tuesday.

Last Day Lunch

On the last day of term (Friday 25th June) the PTA and school will be providing a party lunch for the students. School is ordering pizza and a range of healthy and unhealthy dishes will also be available.

Student will not need to bring a lunch on this day but can if they would perfer their own lunch.

Thanks you to all the parent who have helped or offered to help.


Reports will be published on Tuesday 22nd June (when the students get back from their trip).

Report for students in Year 2 and above will include the results of the InCAS Assessment the students completed in Term 3. InCAS assessments are a diagnostic, computer-delivered, computer-adaptive assessment tool used by international schools around the world. We have been trailing these assessments this year and we are hoping to continue using them in the future.

We have decided to share the results of the InCAS assessment with parents as feedback we have received tells us that some parents would like more precise, numerical, standards-based assessments of their child’s progress. We hope that the InCAS assessment results will be helpful to parents in better understanding their child’s progress and how they may be able to help.

It is important to remember that the results of any assessment need to be viewed in context and with an understanding that a snapshot assessment will never give the whole picture.

At HFS we believe the best way to fully understand your child’s progress, including their performance on standardised assessments is by talking to your child’s teachers. We also know that a child’s education is about much more than what can be shown on a test.

As with all aspects of the school’s operation, we value your opinions and we look forward to hearing your feedback on this new way of reporting.


Please remember that Tuesday is trip day!

Ms McChellan will be sharing details about her class’s trip to Soepyeong Children’s Park.

For the Gyeongju World trip:

  • Students will need to wear their school uniform shirt, blue or red
  • We are allowed to bring food into the part so students can bring a packed lunch
  • A sensible amount of spending money is allowed.
  • We will not be taking any parent helpers on this trip. Thank you for all the kind offers of help but we have sufficient staff to cover the trip and we would like to stay well within COVID-19 restrictions on numbers
  • Please remember hats and sunscreen

We know everyone will have a great day!

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