Newsletter 2020/21 Term 3 Week 4

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Sports Day – COVID

Unfortunately, due to the increase in the social distancing level being observed by HHI we are no longer able to invite parents to Sports Day. I know this must be disappointing and is a change from what we have previously announced. I am sorry.

We will do our best to get some great photos and videos of the kids having a great time and share them with you.

Sport Day – Arrangements

Sports Day is on Friday 7th May at Ulsan College. The students will be travelling to and from the College by school bus and the event will take place in school time.

Please consider..

  • Pupils will need a hat to keep the sun off their heads. We will provide tents.
  • Water bottles are very important – We will provide refills
  • We will eat lunch at the Sports Day venue so there will be no microwave available. Think about this when you pack a lunch.
  • Sunscreen is a good idea. We are not able to provide sunscreen or apply it for students

New Bus Seats

We will be changing the bus seating arrangement again from Monday. Please help us by reminding the students that we can’t all sit exactly where we want to and the seat change regularly. I think everyone is sat next to a friend.

Children’s Day Holiday

Please remember that Wednesday 5th May is Children’s Day.

School is closed on this day.

Parking Permit Rules

When you park your cars inside the open area behind the water fountain, please park in parking spaces marked with white lines.

Great Learning Happening