Week 10 Term 3 Update

Hello everyone,

An eventful week that ended with Sports Day which, unfortunately, was cut short due to the weather. The students did compete very well in the events that did take place and showed great teamwork and sportsmanship. I think we all wished we could have stayed outside and completed every event.

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In English, we continued our work around poetry, the students looked at observation writing so that we can write our own poems. The students went around the school and outside to take pictures of different objects. After that, we went back to the classroom, choose one picture and began to think of different ways to describe that object, using different figurative devices


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We started our new unit Moving People last week and the students were set a piece of homework to find out about their families migration nationally and internationally. They then record this onto GoogleEarth showing the movement of their families and explaining the reasons. We also looked at the push and pull factors of migration.


That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a good weekend.