Term 3 Week 8 Update

Hello everyone!

It has been such as busy week with so much going on! The students completed their GL assessments in Maths, English and Science, the test have been marked and these will be discussed during parent-teacher conferences.

In PE we have been doing football, the footballs are part of the break time equipment so are cleaned twice a day. This week we have worked on dribbling, passing as well as attacking and defending. The students have tried to spread out and attack or defend in certain zones so that they don’t bunch together.

20200616_114429 20200616_120405 20200616_120402 20200616_120359 20200616_114515 20200616_114513 20200616_114433 20200616_114431For IPC, this week the students looked at erosion, weathering and types of rocks. They were able to exam different rocks samples, describe them, discover their uses and find out how they are formed.

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