Term 3 Week 7 Update

Hello everyone!

Welcome back Year 5-9!!! After a long wait, the end of online teaching has come and Year 5-9 joined the rest of HFS back at school. I have really enjoyed this week and it has been great to see them, interact and watch them interact with each other, after such a long absence. I hope they have enjoyed this week as much as I have! There have been a few changes to their learning environment and again they have adapted well!

For English this week the students have continued to work on persuasive writing, we looked at creating cohesion in our writing, emotive language and started to plan their own persuasive letter.

In IPC, we came to the end of our Geography focus and we have now moved onto look at the Science aspect of this unit. The students looked at different landforms as well as looking at the different types of soil.

In maths, this week we moved on to Ratio and Proportion, the students solved problems around enlargement of shapes and then fractions problems involving money.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

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