Term 3 Week 6 Update

Hello everyone.


The final week of online learning has come to an end, the Year 5-9s will be back in school on Monday and it has been awfully quiet without them. I am looking forward to them joining us and I hope they are looking forward to being back.


In English, the students continued their work on persuasive writing, we looked at modal verbs, main point and elaboration and developing our own persuasive paragraph using different techniques.


In maths, we finished our unit on position and movement, the students worked on plotting, translating shapes and reflections shapes on the four quadrants. Next week the students will move onto Ratio and Proportion.


For IPC, the students spent a large part of the week making a model that showed the different types of tectonic plates, they also researched and found out about the natural disasters.


Finishing off your model of the tectonic plates (2020. 6. 5. 오후 6_59_49) image0 (2) 20200603_115534 20200603_123343 WIN_20200603_12_40_39_Pro 20200603_124723 image1 (1) 20200605_115924


That’s all for this weekend, have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday!!!