Term 3 Week 5 Update

Hello everyone!


It has been great to hear the sound of children around the school as we opened our doors to the FS1/2 class and Year 1/2 class. There is only one week left of E-Learning for the Year 5-9s and then they can rejoin us and get back to learning in a school environment.

For IPC, the students started a new topic called ‘What a Wonderful World’, they started by looking at different Biomes, then they looked at different types of maps, and lastly, they drew diagrams to show the different layers of the earth.


Earth's Layers (May 28, 2020 8_08_32 PM) Earth leigh-ah Earth's Layers (2020. 5. 28. 오후 5_46_38) Earth's Layers (May 28, 2020 8_08_17 PM) Earth Theo earth image WIN_20200528_15_52_00_Pro WIN_20200529_13_22_36_Pro

Dave earthEarth Lina 2 Earth Lina

We started the week off by finishing off Kensuke’s Kingdom where Michael was reunited with his family in the end and Kensuke stayed on the Island, he did not want to return to his family believing them to be dead. The rest of the week the students spent time working around our new topic on persuasive writing, they looked at some of the features as well as identifying these in example texts.

Lina anotation Theo anotations Lina features Features of Persuasive Writing (May 28, 2020 8_09_31 PM) Dave anotations


That’s all for this week, I have a great weekend!