Term 3 Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!
As we enter the fourth week of term three we are coming to the end of our first set of units for this term so much of the week has been spent wrapping thing ups. HFS will begin to reopen next week with FS1/FS2 and Year 1/2 coming into school on Wednesday with the other class joining us in the coming weeks, not long to go until we are all back together.


In English, we have just one chapter to go in Kensuke’s Kingdom, as the character grew closer and Kensuke back story is revealed. Next week, will also see the students start their unit around persuasive writing. Most of this week the students have been typing up an explanation text on How to Survive on a Deserted Island?


For our IPC unit this week the students have looked at trade from a historical angel, they have produced: a leaflet detailing the best items to trade from different civilisations, a presentation on how trade changed over time and a fact file on a famous explorer.

Theo Vasco Ashleigh leaflet History of trade Leigh-ah leaflet Lina leaflet


Hannah Dayeon explorers

In maths, we have already moved onto position and movement and the students have worked on translation and reflection problems.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!