Term 3 Week 2 Update

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed Children’s Day on Tuesday and were able to make the most of the day off together. Even though it was a shorter week, the class have still covered so much.

This week we started our new IPC topic called ‘Going Global’ this unit has a geography focus and this week the students have looked at Global Trade, Where our food comes from? as well as Imports and Exports. They created a map that showed trade links between South Korea and other countries, they made a poster to show the importance of buying local and created a leaflet to show the exports of a country of their choice.

Dhanya's poster Lina poster Dhanya leaflet Theo's poster Leigh-ah

In English, we are part way through chapter 4 of Michael Morpurgo’s, Kensuke’s Kingdom and the main character (Michael) has just washed up on an island. This week the children have been writing creatively, making their own log of Michael’s trip and also writing from the perspective of Michael parents when they discover that he is no longer on the yacht.


Dave's story Leighah story Dhanya's log Lina's story


In maths, we continued our work around algebra, this work focus was on rules: what’s the rule, follow the rule, codebreaking, and solving simple equations. Next week in maths we will continue to look at algebra.


That’s all for this week, I hope you all have a great weekend!