Term 3 Week 1 update

Hello everyone!

The first week of term 3 is already completed as we continue our learning journey online, the students have worked very hard and I look forward to seeing what experiences this term brings.


In maths, the students have started exploring algebra, this is most likely the children’s first time being exposed to this area of learning and they have done very well. They have looked at forming expressions, formula and shape, formula word problems as well as reasoning problems.


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The students wrapped up our unit called AD 900 by looking at the Kingdom of Benin and its beliefs as well as how this civilisation came to an end. Next week we will start our new topic, which has a geography focus, called ‘Going Global’.

Dave answer

Dhanyan letter

Dhanya presentation

Kristian presentation

Lina presentation

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!