Term 2 Week 8

Hello everyone!

Thank you to parents for your help and understanding during this difficult time. Well done to Year 5-9 for adapting the E-Learning, I am pleased with all the work that you have produced this week, make sure anything that is not completed is done over the next few weeks. It wasn’t easy, but we still learnt so much this week, again well done!

It is sad, that this week Ashleigh will be moving to a new school and we were not able to say goodbye to her in the normal fashion, we did manage to get most of the class together for a conference-style meeting so they could say goodbye and talk about how the week went. The same goes for Aki, who has moved back to Japan, sadly he was unable to join at the end of the week. We wish them all the best in the future and good luck at your new school.


This week, the students managed to produce excellent newspaper reports on GoogleDocs, I was able to edit these and add comments so that the students could make changes and improvements.


In maths, the children finished our unit on shapes as they used a compass to practice drawing them. In Science, the children finished topic on Exisiting, Endangered, Extinct by looking at fungi and microorganisms.



Take everyone, enjoy your Spring break as best you can and take care.