Term 2 Week 5 update

Hello everyone!

Firstly, apologies as this was not the most exciting week for Year 5-9 as the students had practice exams for Cambridge Checkpoint. This was very beneficial as they get an idea of what the tests will be like and we also went through the answers together. The students did well, however, they will need to make sure they read questions carefully as some silly mistakes were made. I think it will help them to do this again sometime in March to make sure they are ready for the tests in April. At least we were able to end the week in a fun way, the school raised money for charity by having a pajama day and the students could enjoy a short movie with popcorn.

This week we also started a new Topic called Existing, Endangered, Extinct… as an introduction into this area of Science the students need to recall past learning and knowledge and discuss how animals are classified. Then the students created a poster that shows the five main groups of classifications: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish. On the poster, they had to write the main characteristic for each group and also draw examples. I am currently planning a trip to either the Ulsan Eco Centre or Busan Aquarium which will be a great learning experience for this Topic.










This week we also started our non fiction unit in English, the students will be learning to write newspaper reports. In PE the class have started volleyball and they worked on getting the ball to each other over the net.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.