Final Week update

Hello everyone!

It is the end of the term and what a term it has been! It has been filled with so many wonderful events, learning experiences and so much fun at HFS. This term the Year 5-9 class has done amazing work and I have enjoyed myself with this class so much, they will need to come back after the break ready to work even harder in term two. This week was ended with the final assembly where the Year 5-9 students showed off their work around ‘The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe’. Much of this week was spent finishing this project off and wrapping up other topics so we can start afresh after the break.






We started the week with a cultural exchange, the students and the Year 3-4 class made a Skype call with a Korean school in Seoul. The students in Seoul taught us about their school and shared their ideas of an ideal school. Our students were able to ask them questions so that they could learn more, we will hopefully be able to share some presentations about our school in January.





To wrap up our History unit on Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement the children made a presentation on Martin Luther King and Malcolm Xx, the impact they both had, what changes the Civil Rights Movement made and how they achieved this.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, have a safe and happy vacation! I will see you all in 2020 ready to start term two!