Week 5 update

Hello everyone.

We are now into week five of this first term and the students are working hard in all subjects as we get deeper into our learning and understanding for each unit of work. This week ended with a trip to see a Claude Monet exhibition at the Hyundai Arts Centre, this was a great cultural experience for the class and I hope they all took something from this event. I am also pleased to announce that Winter Uniform Order sheets going home today, please get your order forms back to us as soon as possible with 20 000 won fee.

This week in English the students spent most of the time writing their stories. However, some of the students were finding it hard to write a setting description so I took them out to the reservoir so they could describe a place that they had been too and experienced. They then came back to the classroom and made posters with a variety of descriptive sentences so that they could use these in their writing and would have lots of ideas to use.








Since the start of term the students have been looking at calculation they started with addition and subtraction and we have recently moved on to multiplication. This week we spent a few days looking at square and cube numbers, I asked the students to use multilink cubes so they could make square and cube numbers so they could visualize this aspect of maths.










In Geography, the students were put into pairs and have been working on a project on different climate zones, which they will present to the class. Some pairs are ready to present today and others will present next week.

In History, the students looked in the life of a slave on plantations, they looked at historical sources and answered questions about them.

That’s all for this week, have a good weekend!