Term 3 week 7 update

Welcome back after our residential trip to Busan! I am sure that all the children had an amazing time filled with unique experiences and I hope they made some wonderful memories. We are now in week seven and as this term draws to an end there is still a lot of learning and school events to fit in.

This week in English we have started our unit around narratives with a focus on Science Fiction writing. All of this week was spent working around setting descriptions and how to engage with the reader; the students used War of the Worlds to aid them with their writing.


20190605_093504 stu

In Science we continued our work around animal relationships, this week the focus was on ecosystems and how changes to these impact on web chains.




We had a special visitor join us for the day on Friday, Jinmyeong returned to see us all and spend the day in the Year 7,8,9 class.


For most of Friday, the students started to prepare for the final assembly. They began to create a volcano and a model that will sure a tsunami, this will be a great visual display so they can explain how volcanoes and tsunamis work to the rest of the school.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!