Term 3 week 1 update

Hello everyone and welcome back to the third and final term of this academic year, I hope everyone had a fun and restful Easter Break. This week has been a very hectic week as the Year 9s had to take the Cambridge Checkpoint Exams for Science, Maths, and English. I am sure they have done very well in their exams and much of the week was dedicated to them to help them prepare for them.

We also started off the week taking time to acknowledge Earth Day and day dedicated to help the environment. Mr. Kearney took the opportunity to have the assembly outside to discuss the environment and the ways we can look after it. We also stayed outside for mentoring and allowed the children to explore the environment around them. We will also have a cleanup day next to help the environment and get the children involved in helping the local community.



Inbetween the preparation for the exams we also managed to start our new unit Relationship for the IMYC. For the entry point to this, we used dominos to show how things are connected and that every individual thing affects and is affected by other things, which is the Big Idea for this unit. We also started an art projected to show how different things are related.











That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a great weekend.