Week 11 update

Hello everyone! Only 2 weeks until the end of the term and still the fun and learning continue’s in London class. The week started with the Year 7,8,9 hosting the assembly that talked about being a good leader, the assembly also involved a game that helped children focus on showing their leadership skills.

The students have finished their travel blog or travel guides and I am very impressed with the work they have produced. Here are the links to each of the student’s work below:
<Leigh ah’s blog
L BLog

Adam’s blog
A blog

Erin’s guide
E guide

Matthew’s guide
M guide

In English, we have moved on to writing biographies and the students have chosen an inspirational person to write their biographies on.

In Maths, we finished our work on area and perimeter and moved onto data handling. We looked at different types of data and different types of graphs. This time we focussed on scattergraphs, histographs and frequency polygons.

In History, we carried our work on women’s Suffrage as the student looked at the key leaders and groups that advocated women’s right to vote in the UK.The students anaylsed sources which is an important historical skill.





That’s all for this week, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.