Week 10 update

Hello everyone! We’ve been very busy this week at HFS with plenty of learning and fun topped off with a charity event to end the week. Please, also make sure you take the time the fill in this survey, we welcome all feedback. Survey Thank you!!

In maths, this week we continued our work around perimeter and area. The year 9s started solve questions on total surface area and the year 8s have started to find the area of triangles and trapeziums.

In English, the main focus has been to type up their final written piece on travel. I am really looking for the students to be creative with the layout and make sure they have all the content there so that they have an excellent guide or blog.
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In Science, we conducted an experiment on friction to see which surface creates the least and most amount of friction for a toy car. The children also wrote this experiment up in full in their books including a hypothesis and conclusion.








In Geography, we continued to look at refugees, we looked at trends as well as creating a case study based on a particular country. The students needed to include a map, graph, as well as find out the following: The location of the country and the cause of its refugees, The problems and barriers being faced by refugees in their chosen country, The actions being taken to overcome the problems, and The ways in which these actions are increasing possibilities for groups of people in the country.




We ended the week with a pajama day, this event was used as a way to raise for Wehope charity and the PTA. The day ended with a movie and children could also buy popcorn. That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.