Week 7 update

Hello everyone! London class have been very busy, this week has included: a trip to Busan Science Museum, International week project work, as well as all usual exploratory learning in each subject.

We started off the week by finishing our Exit Points from our last unit on Respect. The Students created their own video with a voice-over explaining what their thoughts and feelings on the Unit were and what they have learnt.




As the week went on we began to start our new Unit on Challenge. In Geography we look at street and working children in Vietnam, we looked at the problems they face and the barriers they prevent them from overcoming these problems. As well as a Project set up to help them overcome these challenges.








On Thursday, we had our trip to Busan Science Museum. The trip was fun and the students got to interact with lots of hands-on science activities. The highlights of the trip were the moonwalking experience as well as the observatory.

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That’s all for this week and I hope everyone has a great weekend!