Term 2 Week 3 update

Hello everyone! We have had a very busy week in the Year 7,8,9 class. The week started off with myself being off as I hurt my back, this meant I missed their assembly, which went well apart from a few technical difficulties. This rest of the week I was hobbling around the classroom.

In English, the class finished off their movie reviews and typed them up as homework I was very pleased with the final outcome. We have now moved onto writing newspapers, we have looked at creating headlines, subheading, and captions as well as writing introductions to newspaper articles.

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In maths, the class spent the week working on our mental maths skills. We played some different games including, Pointless, Numbercrunch, and a betting maths game. These were a lot of fun and broke up the lessons so we weren’t just using the textbook.



In science, the class looked at magnetic fields, the class had to use a magnet and a compass to draw the magnetic fields.








It has been a very fun week with lots of different learning going on. I hope everyone has a good weekend!