Term 2 Week 1 update

Welcome back everyone, I hope we all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year. The year 7,8,9’s jumped straight into our new topics for each subject and there have been lots of fun learning experiences.

Our new IMYC Topic which covers Science, Geography, and History is called Respect with the big ideas being ‘It’s important to honour behaviour and processes that have proven merit.’ As an entry point to this topic, I gave the students the scenario of being stuck on a deserted island and they had to come up with the laws and processes for this.



In history, the focus will be on The American Revolution, in the first lesson we looked at what motivated people to move to America in the first place. To show what the children have learned I asked the students to create a display.






In maths, we have gone back to working in on calculation of number and looked at a few different areas such as BIDMAS and Integers. We played a few different games around these concepts.

20190110_111829 20190110_111827 20190110_111828

In English, the main focus will be non-fiction for this term. We started by writing summaries and then moved on to writing reviews.

In PE, we started a unit on basketball and the main focus for the lesson was dribbling skills. The students practiced dribbling with both hands and having close control of the ball.

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