Week 15 update

Hello everyone!

The Winter Show is nearly upon us so much of this week has been preparing for this event. I hope all of you can join us for the Winter Show as each class has put a lot of effort into their songs. The drama club has also put a lot of effort in as well I am sure they will put on a wonderful performance as well. The year 7,8,9s will be performing ‘A Whole New World,’ with the year 4,5,6 class. Ms. Esther has made some changes, which has enhanced the performance. The Lip-sync performance is coming along nicely and the students are really getting into it. May I remind students to come in their costumes if they are in the play and if not they will need to dress in red and white. I also hope the children can come in Christmas jumpers for our Lip-sync performance.

Here are my little elves hard at working making stockings to be sold at the Winter Show.






With the rest of our time, our learning continued as we look to finish each topic off before the end of the term. In our English lessons, we have continued our work around ‘Noughts and Crosses,’ I really hope we can complete the book together in class. The student’s main focus has been the theme of capital punishment, they have researched the arguments for and against this in order for them to have a debate.

In maths, we have moved onto shape and the Year 7s have been looking at 2D shapes and the Year 9s have been looking at polygons. We looked at the facts we knew and how we could use these to solve problems. Later in the week,k the students moved onto 3D shapes the year 7s looking at properties and the year 9s looked at drawing 3D shapes.



In our geography lessons, we spent our time looking at the charity Water Aid and the work this charity does. The class made presentations and presented these to each other.