Week 14 update

Hello everyone!

Year 7,8,9 have had a very busy week filled with lots of new learning. We are getting closer to the end of term and some of our time has been dedicated to practicing for the Christmas show. The class will be performing “A whole new world” for the Aladdin play and a Christmas lip sync performance.

In maths, we began a started to look at position and movement. The year 7s worked on reflection, rotational symmetry and rotation, while the year 9s worked on enlargement and combined translations. They really showed their accuracy with their drawings and a number of mathematical skills.

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In English, we continued our work around Noughts and Crosses, we have reached a very exciting part of the story. The students looked at the theme of capital punishment and its the importance to the plot and looked at how events in the story motivated the characters actions.

In geography, the students have been looking at the global issue of access to clean water. The students had to research this problem and look at the countries most affected by this issue and why. They also analysed maps that showed countries access to clean water, discussed patterns and reasons for the pattern.