Week 13 update

Dear parents,

We have had a very exciting week in Year 7,8,9 class. We have been preparing for our assembly, which will take place next Monday. The main focus for our assembly will be Noughts and Crosses, the novel we have been reading in our English lessons.

Tuesday was a special day globally, as people celebrated and promoted World Children’s Day. I spent some of our lesson time introducing this to the students. We explored the UNICEF website, which set up the day to help improve and promote children’s rights. The students were then able to complete some work around the day. I asked them to create a comic strip that would show a superhero protecting children’s rights.





In science, we carried out a scientific investigation that explored the rate of photosynthesis. In this experiment, the rate of photosynthesis is measured by counting the number of bubbles rising from the cut end of a piece of Cabomba. The variable we test was light intensity so we counted the amount of bubble released when the light was at different distances from the plant The students had to write up a full investigation making a hypothesis, discussing the variables, recording results, and making a conclusion from these results.

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In English, we continued to explore Noughts and Crosses. We used the novel to develop our writing use the P.E.E.L technique and wrote a paragraph on How does the author use carefully chosen language to express how characters feel in the novel? To help them answer this question, I asked the students to create a graph which showed how a character’s feelings changed throughout the book. They then had to find quotes to support this and later discussed those quotes when answering the question.  The students also got creative and wrote a news report, they then became news presenters and I recorded them. The students are really enjoying this book and we have reached a very exciting part of the story.

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