Week 9 update

Hello everyone! An incredibly hectic week for the Year 7,8,9, which included: assembly prep, GL assessments, UNIST trip and dress up day prep, this has meant that our normal schedule had to change to fit everything in.

Our trip to UNIST was a success, it really opened the student’s eyes to university life. The tour took us around the facilities of the campus showing the students the labs where research is carried out, the library, the Student Union building, and the dormitories. The guide gave great detail about university life for UNIST students and they were able to ask additional questions. I hope this has inspired the class to start thinking about their future and have high aspirations for themselves. I also hope to follow this trip up with potentially visiting again and being able to use their labs, but this will depend on the university.

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The Year 7,8,9 class will have an assembly next Monday, they will show some of the work they have done throughout our Topic of discovery. To show the rest of the school some of the learning, the students have produced an interactive game based on early American settlement and the problems the settlers faced. They will also show them an experiment they carried out on paper planes and allow the children from other classes to carry out the same experiment with their guidance.



Throughout this week the students had tests to allow me to see if there are any gaps in their previous learning and help me with my future planning. The students had three tests one for English, maths, and science and I am sure they have done very well.