Week 8 update


Hello everyone!  This week has been a very busy week with lots of different learning and discovery throughout.

In science, the students conducted an experiment to see, which object in school, carries the most bacteria. I ordered a science kit, which included Petri dishes with agar (agar allows the bacteria to be cultured) and a set of sterile cotton swabs. Each student was able to take a two cotton swabs, they dipped it in water first and then swab the object they were testing. They then came back to the classroom and applied the contents onto the surface of the agar. We then observed the bacteria growth over the rest of the week.

20181016_145246 20181016_145019 20181016_145343 20181016_145555 20181016_145625 20181016_143907_HDR 20181016_144658 20181016_144601 20181016_144323 20181016_144234

The kitchen sink clearly had the most amount of bacteria growth.

In maths, we spent some of this week this working on our algebra games and I am sure these will be finished next week. The children have put a lot of effort into the games with a variety of questions, challenges, and penalties to make algebra engaging. The rest of our time was spent,  simplifying expressions and we will move onto distributive law next week.

In English, the students have been writing their own narrative poem. I showed the students three animation shorts that they could base their poem on. They planned their poem using a mind map, which helped them think about different features of a narrative poem and come up with ideas.

20181019_104440 20181019_104403_HDR 20181019_104424 20181019_104433_HDR