Week 7 update

Hello everyone! Another short week at school, which has been filled with fun, learning, and exploration.

In maths this week, we have continued our work on algebra and spent some time simplifying algebraic expressions. As this felt like it was becoming repetitive, I decided that the children should create a game. The Years 7s teamed up together to make a game for the Year 9s and vice versa. We will have two very different games, the Year 7s have decided to make a board game, whereas the Year 9s have gone with a card game. I can’t wait for these to be finished so we can try them out!

20181012_094554 20181012_094541

In English this week we have started to explore The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes (a narrative poem). To start with we created a glossary of unknown words, identified features of a narrative poem; analysed literary and linguistic features and finally analysed the characters. We have really been delving deep into Alfred Noyes and I hope to get the students to create their own narrative poem.



In science, we carried out an experiment to see which paper plane would fly the furthest. The students discussed possible variables to test and then chose one of those to go and explore. The Year 7s looked at different shapes and the Year 9s looked at adding flaps. We then went to the gymnasium and carried out our experiment, testing each plane three times. For the rest of the week, the children have been writing up their experiment and making conclusions from their results. 20181010_140958 20181010_141006 20181010_141013 20181010_141002 20181010_150856 20181010_151105 20181010_152329 20181010_152201 20181010_151501