Welcome back!!

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic Chuseok break! Even though this was a very short week the learning hasn’t stopped.
In English, the focus has been to type up our stories that the students finished before Chuseok, while doing this the children also had to think about improvements they could make. Once the stories are complete we will be moving on to poetry.





In maths we have moved on to algebra, we made posters for particular mathematical vocabulary and looked at how to write algebraic expressions.




In Geography we researched some of the key settlements of early America and added this to a map. They focused on the following questions: Do you notice any similarities or differences between where the older settlements, studied in the research activity, are? Are they all near the coast, all by a river? What was the reason for the settlement? What did people discover that made the settlement viable? Why was this particular area chosen to be settled ahead of another area? What did people gain from the site and what were the drawbacks? Where are the older settlements compared with newer ones?