Week 2 update

Hello everyone! This week, we have been very busy! In science the students have researched a particular discovery and then created a timeline of the events that led up to it. They then presented this to the rest of the class; focusing on the following key questions: What was happening at the time that prompted scientists and inventors to want to find out? What were they hoping to discover? Did these discoveries make things better or worse? The students made excellent presentations and delivered them with confidence.





In history, the students again had to carry our research on a chosen explorer. The focus of this task was to analyse the following: What the place they have discovered is like and how it is similar or different to home? What they can exploit or take advantage of? What were the customs and beliefs of the place they have discovered? How they would like to change the place they have discovered? After the research, the students had to write a letter as if they were the explorer reporting back on the questions they had looked in to. I was very impressed with the letters they wrote, they clearly understood the motives and impact these explorers had.





In Math, the students this week we have focused on fractions and looking at a variety of problems from converting from mixed numbers to improper fraction to multiplying fractions.
In English, we have been working towards writing a Dysnotpian story; we have looked at: setting descriptions, sentence openers and descriptive devices.

It’s been a fantastic week and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!